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Testosterone Enanthate Injection

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Buy Testosterone Enanthate from Genesis - Testosterone Enanthate Injection

Bodybuilding is becoming more and more popular. Almost everyone is registered in a gym and wants to build muscle fast. Anabolic steroids such as Testosterone Enanthate accelerate this process. The effect of anabolic steroids is very different.

How does Testosterone Enanthate work?

Enanthate significantly increases protein biosynthesis, making the nitrogen balance positive. The body can increasingly use amino acids through anabolic steroids. On the one hand, this means that by taking Testosterone Enanthate you can regenerate faster and thus train more often. On the other hand, with Testosterone Enanthate the muscle grows much faster, which builds incredible power in a very short time. Testosterone Enanthate allows the user to exercise longer and perform more exercises. This results in increased training volume and more muscle buildup through Enanthate. Anabolic steroids increase the number of leukocytes in the blood, which improves blood circulation in the body. With Testosterone Enanthate you have a better blood flow during training and you appear much more vascular.

What side effects does Testosterone Enanthate have?

The side effects of anabolic steroids like Testosterone Enanthate are many. While Testosterone Enanthate is being taken, endogenous hormone production stops. As a result, the testes atrophy and the fertility is limited while taking Enanthate. Anabolic steroids increase blood pressure, which increases the risk of a heart attack. In addition, anabolic steroids with a 17a-methylation burden the liver and kidneys. The strong androgenic effect of Testosterone Enanthate increases hair growth, which is particularly unpleasant for women. The clitoris can also grow by Enanthate. Some users of anabolic steroids get acne.

After taking Enanthate?

By taking anabolic steroids, the body stops its own testosterone production. If anabolic steroids are no longer needed, the body first has to learn to produce testosterone on its own. Since Enanthate puts a heavy strain on hormone balance, this process would take a long time. Therefore, after taking Enanthate, you take medications that help the body to produce testosterone by itself. The safest schedule is the intake of clomiphene (50 mg / day) and tamoxifen (20 mg / day) for 4 to 6 weeks. This can be supplemented by the intake of HCG (500IU / day) for 2 weeks and an aromatase inhibitor, such as exemestane.

Why should I buy Testosterone Enanthate from Genesis?

There are many labs that manufacture and sell anabolic steroids. But not many labs pay attention to the quality of their anabolic steroids. Genesis is known for its care in manufacturing. Genesis uses only clinically proven raw materials of the highest quality that meet European specifications. The quality of Genesis can also be found in the satisfaction of the customers. All users of anabolic steroids designed and manufactured by Genesis are very satisfied with the tolerability and effectiveness.

Is buying Testosterone Enanthate safe?

The purchase of anabolic steroids is illegal in many countries. That's why you should always choose your shop for anabolic steroids with care. We guarantee a safe purchase of anabolic steroids - from payment to delivery. Our accounts are always anonymous and shipping of steroids is safe and discreet. We have not heard of a case where a parcel has been lost and there were problems with the customs authorities. We will keep this promise to you as well. So it's easy - choose Enanthate, pay for steroids, and soon enjoy more muscle!

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